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Worst Experience Ever

Dated:Saturday August 18th 2012 at 11:44:43 AM  
Reviewer: Mr. Thomas from Tuscaloosa, Alabama with IP:
I needed an agent because I just moved to Alabama from New York and was very unsure about the best location to build my new home. I was in a store in the city of tuscaloosa mingling with the locals when it hit me I want Tuscaloosa to be my new home after maybe about an hour into the conversation real estate came up and how i had been interested in building a new home the local then wrote down about 6 or 7 names i should reach out to and Kimmery Taylor was maybe 3rd on the list after researching a couple names on the list I notice that the first couple names were the big name realty companies in town I guess u could say...I decided that was just not what I wanted. I wanted a Small company that had the time to give me what I needed. After all it was one of the biggest reason I moved away from the fast pace city...But anyway to make long story short Miss Taylor gave me the worst experience in purchasing anything let alone a piece of property. I imagined that buying my first piece of property in the south would have been exciting fun and just an all around blast..but it was everything but so bad I decided Tuscaloosa is not where I want to make my new home. For future reference Miss Taylor needs not to leave her client waiting for an hour before she shows...She needs to practice patience because most people dont know the land and I for one want to know everything especially about the community...she just treated me like a bother. Just very unprofessional. I dont know whether this was a bad day for her or what but if she treats most of her clients this way no wonder she is small town...I just feel for the business the company is loosing as a whole.
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